What is a Baby Tee - Every "It Girl's" wardrobe must have

Let's rewind a little, in the 60's miniskirts were popularised by Mary Quant, then Coco Chanel put the spotlight on the LBD. So who comes to mind when you think Baby Tee? 
 Linda Meltzer, stylist on music videos and movies would spend hours combing through thrift stores and flea markets in search for children's sized French-cut 70's tees. Even though she was quite the expert when it came to hunting down those tight fitting tees, she found that they were becoming almost impossible to find. This is how "Tease Tee's" were born.
In 1993 every "It Girl" such as Drew Barrymore, Sofia Coppola and Naomi Campbell would be seen scouting these tees. For the next couple of years you couldn't escape seeing the O.G Baby Tee, from Jennifer Aniston On "Friends" to Brittany Murphy in the classic pop-culture movie "Clueless".
Fast forward to 2022 and this classic staple Baby Tee has yet again made its way back on everyones wish list. From "Heaven" by Marc Jacobs to the "Dreamgirl" favourite Realisation Par, the Baby Tee is now easily accessible for all. 
Here at NYYLON we have designed and created our very own version of the O.G Baby Tee. A soft cotton cap sleeve tee with our play of Y2K typography text. Our most recent "Y2K Spice World Tee" features our take on the ever so famous "Spice Girls" Logo.  
Today's very own "It Girl" such as Sopha Dophaa has been seen scouting these tee's styled with our classic bike shorts on her Tiktok unboxing haul.  
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